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Chapter 1: Part 2 Oh, That Cutie!

I had really dark skin and was more on the plump side.

My cousin, on the other end, had a model figure. She had dark skin too, skinny, had perfect long eye-lashes and an ideal eye-sight.

Compared to me, she was drop-dead gorgeous.

One of them was hotter than the other, according to my cousin. I immediately realized that my cousin liked one of them. I smiled and stayed silent. To me, I finally got some friends! As it turns out, they were cousins too.

It was a brand-new neighborhood for me. I even shifted to a new school.
So, I needed new friends. I can’t keep my cousin with me, forever, right?
Besides, she would already leave, the minute I played the Beauty and the beast DVD.

It was my turn to be the ‘blind man.’ The Cutie tied the scarf around my eyes. He made sure that the scarf was tied tightly well.

He checked and double-checked, the eye portion about a million times.
He even made sure that my hair wasn’t stuck to the knot to prevent it from eventually getting loose.

Hmm, perhaps, he’s been cheating all along too. I wondered. I smiled again.
Thoughts of how to catch my friends kept running through my mind.

Then I squinted my eyes and realized that I could still see.

Seriously buddy, well played! I smiled.

To be continued.

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