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Chapter 1, Part 3: Oh, That Cutie

The thing is that everyone could see that I wear spectacles. But no one really knew that I could still see blur-ly. Also, I am smart. So, I can put a + b and create whatever alphabet I want, right?

Also, like they didn’t giggle each time I neared them.

I started walking with my hands out like a zombie and pretended to trip a little and bang myself to the pillars of that playground. I kept repeating words like ‘Outch!’ and ‘Oh my God!’ with a lot of drama effects. It had to look like I really couldn’t see and that I was dedicated or, at least honest.

“wheeeereeee aaaaaarrrree yyyyyooooouuuu?” I sang loudly. Still silence.

Suddenly, I heard my cousin go, “shh shh.”
I immediately turned around and saw my cousin, but I had my sight on something better.

“Yoooo Hooooo” Those monkeys burst out laughing.

I smiled. I held my tongue and controlled my laughter.

I could also see the guy who tied the knot apparently so tightly. I decided it was time to “catch” him.

So, I pretended to feel the pillar to get some balance. He suddenly walked right by me.

To Be Continued.

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