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Poem: I’ll Be There…

I could be hearing,
Every single detail,
Text or email,
Image and detail.

Those battles,
Need to be inverted into castles,
Let’s ascend to the next level.
As, it’s not a puzzle.

God, never puts us in situations,
That can’t be handled.
Because, it’s time to,
Flip that channel.

That harmony, that peace, that truth,
In our youth, I should have soothed.
But didn’t, because of that ruth.
Now, it has got to soothe. 

My candle is lit,
The fire is bright, 
Fire is hot,
Which, feels just right.

That epiphany,
Music like symphony,
God’s way of saying,
Quit, all that playing.

Love so pure, 
That allures.
From the heart,
Purest of my heart.

My subconscious, is not obnoxious.
It might have revealed the truth,
But I won’t fight it,
Cause you’re worth it. 

Those battles,
Need to be inverted into castles.
It’s time to ascend to higher dimensions, 
With clear visions, that’s not a puzzle.

Choose the date,
Choose the time,
I’ll be there.
Always today,
Always tomorrow,
And always forever!

I’ll always be there!

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