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Chapter 1, Part 4: Oh, That Cutie!

I could also see the guy who tied the knot, apparently so tightly. I decided that it was time to catch him. So, I pretended to feel the pillar to get some balance. I could see that he was walking toward me from a distant.

When he walked right past me, and he smelled excellent. He had a very fresh scent on him.

Perhaps, he just took a shower before coming to the playground.

I turned around quickly before he could slip away, and I grabbed him, and gave him a sort of a zombie hug.

“AHA caught you!”

He burst out laughing quite loudly. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone laugh that aloud before.

I told myself that, It was perhaps the first time a girl zombie ‘hugged’ him.

I pulled out the blindfold from my eyes and gave it to him. I smiled at him.

“It’s your turn now.”

He had black eyes with hints of hazel brown. He had perfect white teeth and an amazing smile.

Both of our cousins, just sat down on the slide chatting, while waiting for him to carry on the game.

I blushed as I asked him, “Would you like me to tie the blind-fold for you?”

“Yes, please,” He replied.

So, I tied it better than he did. I made sure the eye portion had 3 layers. I sort of made it into a fan just to cover up those eyes. The knot was tight. I even pulled the blind-fold from the back before giving it 3 knots.

I asked him if the blindfold was tight enough. He shouted,“Yes, yes!”

My intuition kept telling me that he was lying. I silently whispered into his ear, “liar!”

“And, hey, don’t catch me!” I blushed the minute I mumbled it.
He smiled.

To be continued…

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