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Chapter 1, Part 5: Oh, That Cutie!

“Here I come,” he shouted.

He kept getting nearer to me. I slid away to stand beside his cousin.
He got more adjacent to his cousin, their hands were just an inch apart from each other, while I tip-toed away to stand next to my cousin.

Immediately, he turned, to the opposite direction, toward me.

I could hear my own heart-beat and saw that my palms started getting sweaty.

“Oh no, Cutie’s still walking toward me,” I mumbled to myself.

“But he really looks cute.” I smiled.

I saw him getting closer to catch me. I decided to tip-toe away again.

I told myself to forget the other senses needed as this guy is already cheating.
I looked at him, and to my astonishment, I could see that smirk on his face.

“Damn,…” I mumbled to myself.
My heart rate accelerated.

This playground was a little funny compared to the other playgrounds I’ve visited.
It was dark blue, mixed with yellow pillars. There was no swing. No monkey bars or horses or anything to sit on and just swing around.

There were a lot of steps, and it looked like the playground was incomplete.
There was a spot in the playground that, if you were not careful, you would just fall right off. There was nothing there. The design was just so weird.

He kept getting closer, and I was right at the edge of the playground. I was on my toes, hoping that I don’t lose my balance.

He got even closer, he smirked, and it kept getting wider.
I could see that he was also controlling his laughter.

My hand caught a pillar, and I used my arm strength to pull myself up, and I turned my direction.

If that Cutie, would have taken another step, he would have just dropped off the playground. He turned his direction again.

“Damn it, why didn’t he fall?” I mumbled to myself again.

I tip-toed to the other side of the playground, and he whispered,

“Don’t you dare, move!”

He held on to my wrist, tightly and yelled: “Caught You!”

I smiled. He laughed.

It was getting a little dark, and we all had curfews.
So, we called it a night, and they walked the opposite direction from us.
They lived down the street, and my block was right by the park.

Would I see him again? I wondered.

to be continued…

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