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Chapter 1, Part 6: Oh, That Cutie!

It was the first day of school.
I was nervous as I was in an all-girl school before and now, I moved to a co-ed school. The school was barely 5 minutes away from my home.

I walked to school alone. I knew that I was in class 3-4. So, I went to the foyer where all the school children were.

So many brand-new faces. Some were running, some were reading. I caught a couple of them laughing too. I got nervous as I didn’t know anyone. I felt alone.

I sat down at the back of my class and just observed everything. I stayed silent.

While scanning the room, I noticed that the foyer had 2 flag hosts. One for the national flag and the other was the school flag.
The school wasn’t as big as my previous school. There was dark chocolate brown color everywhere. Some of the walls were painted that color.

“Oh, brown…” I muttered.

The school uniform skirt or shorts was that same color. We had to wear a white buttoned shirt, along with the bottom, which had a brown collar.

We were all wearing hideous uniforms, I thought.

I decided that I hated the color brown.

The foyer had a concrete floor, and It was quite hard to sit on that made everybody’s bummies hurt.

There lied an empty stage right in front.

Suddenly, the principal from the school walked up the stage and picked up the microphone.

“Good morning, children.”
“I hope you enjoyed your vacations.”
“Did any of you go on holidays?”
screamed the crowd.

I thought, wow, they never did this in my old school.
In my old school, Religiously, we had to always sing the national day song and the school song and we had to go to our classroom, right after.

Our form teacher, who was in charge of my class, appeared.
He looked fierce, tall, and he had long hair for a man.
But, not to the extent of tying it up with a rubber band.

My teacher looked at me while, he walked toward me.

“Hey, you are the new girl, right?”

‘yes, I am’ I mumbled back.

I stayed silent.
The teacher kept talking to my other class-mates.
I looked up, and I saw a familiar face.

It was that Cutie! I smiled.
I wondered if we were in the same class.

End of chapter 1.

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