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Chapter 2, Part 1: Oh, That Cutie!

We walked in 2 straight rows to our classroom.

I walked next to this girl, and she had a beautiful skin tone.
It was a slightly darker version of white milk chocolate skin tone.
She had shapely bushy eyebrows. Wow, she’s gorgeous, I thought.
She had a perfect smile with unusually shaped, straight white teeth. She had absolutely no pimples or visible scars on her.

She looked like a foreigner, I thought.

We reached the classroom. I was sitting next to the same girl I walked with.

“Hi, I’m Maria. She put her right hand forward to shake my hand. I smiled, and I shook her hand right back. “Hi, I’m Sarah,” I replied back.

We sat at the back of the classroom.

At least I wasn’t sitting near that teacher. It was easier to get away from that strict looking teacher if he ever shouted at me. I smiled at my own thought.

I looked around to realize that the Cutie wasn’t in my class. I sighed.

So, I looked back at Maria while waiting for our teacher to enter the classroom.

“So, Maria, where are you from?”

“Oh, I’m from the Philippines.” She replied while smiling.

“Oh, wow, that’s interesting.” I smiled.

There was another girl that was walking toward our table smiling.
She stretched her right hand forward to shake our hands
“Hi, I’m Melly! And I just moved here from Indonesia.”

While Melly was shaking Maria’s hand, I quickly waved my hands, smiled, and blurted out in excitement, “Hi, I’m Sarah!”

Our teacher stepped into the classroom right at the very moment, and we had all decided to continue our little chit chat at recess.

“Hello, everyone!” “Good Morning!”
“My name is Mr. Rodrick!”

The whole class stood up and sang in a very low mellow tune,
“Good Morning, Mr. Rodrick!”

“Okay, everyone, take out your math’s notebook!”
Suddenly, I heard the sounds of soft sighs from everyone’s lips.

I smiled at myself because I realized that no one was in the mood for math.
Funny, because I wasn’t in the mood either.

My mind was only on, which class is that Cutie in?

to be continued…

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