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Chapter 2, Part 2: Oh, That Cutie!

“I said, class, take out your maths notebook!”
“please turn to page 2.”

Maria raised her hand.
“But teacher, I think you forgot about page 1. Should we turn to page 1 instead?”
The class laughed.

“What’s your name, girl?” Mr. Rodrick asked sternly.
“Hi teacher, my name is Maria.” She replied with a smile.

“So, Maria, do you think you’re the teacher?”

“Would you like to exchange roles?” he exclaimed sarcastically while raising an eyebrow.

“No, thank you, teacher, I think you’re doing a good job yourself!”
she replied sarcastically, with a smile.

The whole class laughed again.

At that moment, there was a woman who knocked on the door of our classroom. I realized that it was the same lady as the one who was interacting with everyone on stage earlier on.

“Oh, She’s our principal!”

“Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Rodrick, but you left out a student, and he belongs in your class as well!”

The whole class laughed.

I looked up, to see who that boy was who got left out.
I couldn’t help but blush. It was that Cutie!

“Sarah, I think we hit the jackpot. First, our teacher is just ..…”
“Secondly, look at that guy that just walked in!”
She was smiling brightly while showing off her sparkling white teeth.

“Yup, it’s going to be a fun year!” I laughed the minute I said it.

Melly looked at us immediately and smiled, as though she eavesdropped on our conversation.

Melly, couldn’t help but mention.

“You girls are right, our teacher is …….” and there was a pause.
looks like our teacher is …….” there was another pause.

“An, idiot?” I questioned.

To be continued…

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