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Chapter 2, Part 3 : Oh, That Cutie!

The principal looked directly at all of us right after she heard the laughter. But luckily, she didn’t say a word. She was probably just glad that we were all getting along very well.

I blushed as I didn’t realize that I said it so loudly. I just hope that nobody else heard my nasty little comment.

Out of everybody, Melly laughed the loudest.

I observed that Melly had a tomboy haircut with a headband on her head. Her eyes were black. She had eye bags around her eyes. She was really fair, almost white and she looked like she had a muscular build. Her arms were fully toned up, with biceps.

“Looks, like I have to change my seat and sit next to you girls!”

I replied softly with a smile, “yeah, we’re pretty cheerful, as you can see!”

Maria and Melly both laughed. “Sarah, you are hilarious!” Melly mentioned.

“Hold that thought, while I grab a chair!” she smiled right before she walked away.

There was an empty table right in front of Maria. Melly dragged her chair all the way from the end of the classroom to that particular table.

“Listen up, class!”
“Everybody, say hello to ……”

“You girls, don’t think I don’t know what you all are thinking!”
“Good looking boy.”

Mr. Rodrick shook his head and slapped his right palm right on his forehead and mumbled: “I can’t believe I forgot him!”

The boys laughed, and the girls started blushing.

“That’s alright teacher, but I am glad that you feel foolish!”
Cutie replied with the brightest, cutest smile.

I looked at Maria and smiled and whispered into her ear,
“Looks, like you have competition!”
Maria smiled.

“Sarah, admit it, you think he’s charming too!”
I smiled.

“I have a nickname for him.”
“I call him Cutie!”

Melly looked back, nodded her head in agreement, and smiled along with me.

To be continued…

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