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Super ShortStory: Say Moo!?

Let me tell you a little story about the perks of living in a developing country. It might come as a surprise to you, but it surely feels like a heart attack to me. 

I was driving out of my street and there was a massive cow blocking the road. 
For some reason, I wasn’t really focused on the road. 
I braked immediately, but my front bonnet still decided to give his bum a small kiss. 

All I dared to do after that, was just to take a glimpse around, to see if anyone saw.

I really had a heart attack that felt so real. All I was afraid of was the headlines on the newspaper, 
“Non resident Girl hits Cow!”
Do you know what a blunder that would be? 

Now, listening loudly to Ed Shereen’s, Shape of you, just felt so wrong.
Moo way, was I in love with the shape of him.

Beep!! Beep!!
Hey Moo! I shouted out of my window.
Can you please MOOO-OOOVE? 

Nervous as I was, I had to find a way to get back in the MOOO-OOD.

The cow must have got a mini heart attack himself. 
Moo, lifted himself off the middle of the road, stared directly into my eyes, gave me the loudest MOO and just walked away.
All I could do was just stare at his bum, to find a red patch.

Yeah! It was all about the bass!
I laughed because my Mooo-ood was coming right back.

“PHEW!” Sounds right… 
While I mumbled to myself, “the beautiful perks of living in a developing country!” 

I lifted off my hand brake and sped off
hoping, I’d not come across another cow to hit on.
Because now, that might be a bigger story! 

Just imagine that headline, “Oh, no! Non-resident girl kisses 2 cows in a row!”

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