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Chapter 2, Part 4: Oh, That Cutie!

“Class, turn your math notebook to page 4.”

Melly raised her hand this time.
“Mr. Rodrick, if you’re going to keep changing pages at that lightening of speed, we might be done with math in a few days, forget a year!”

I raised my hand, “Yes, Mr. Rodrick, what happened to page two?”

Maria mumbled loudly,

“Sarah, forget page two, page one is still a blur!”

“Shh, Maria, at least, he knows his 2 times table.”
“First it was page 2, then it was page 4, perhaps, in 2 minutes, he’ll make us turn to page 6?”
I whispered.

Melly overheard us both and just cracked herself up laughing, and a group of students followed right after.

I looked at Maria and Melly while mentioning,
“I think we all don’t know how to whisper!”

I suddenly heard someone reply, “Yeap, not subtle enough too!”
I turned to the right because that was where the sound came from.

My heart stopped beating for a second when I saw who it was. It was Cutie!

He smelled just the same as he did at that playground.

When I turned, I looked right at him, smiled and whispered a “Hi!”

Maria turned to the right quickly and gave him the brightest smile.
“Hi, I’m Maria.”
Melly followed right after,
“Hi, I’m Melly.

Cutie, looked at me and asked, “And, you are?”
I smiled, “I’m Sarah!”

He smiled and mumbled, “Finally, you told me your name!”
I blushed.

“Hi girls, I’m John!”
“Pleased to meet all of you, and especially you, Sarah!”

To be continued…

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