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Chapter 3, Part 1: Oh, That Cutie!

“John! Break that hug now!”

Mr Rodrigues shouted from the canteen, while walking towards us.
At the same time, Maria and Melly walked toward me, to pull me away to break the hug. 

“Let’s go back to class Sarah”, Melly whispered.

I nodded my head in agreement and took a couple of steps away from John. 

Mr Rodrigues stared at me sternly. 
“Sarah! I’ll have a word with you in class later on!” 

I nodded my head and replied, “Yes, Mr Rodrigues!”

“John, let’s take a walk!” 

He didn’t budge at all. It was like he blurred out and didn’t listen to anything Mr Rodrigues said. 

Mr Rodrigues nudged him on his shoulder.

“With me!”

“Yes, teacher!”
“I heard you this time.”

John smiled, looked at me and walked right behind Mr Rodrigues. 

I looked at Melly and I burst out laughing.
Melly smiled, “Sarah, you’re dead!” 
I laughed even louder.

Upon hearing my laughter, Mr Rodrigues spinned his body right around, stared directly into my eyes and shouted, 
“Sarah! You think this is funny?”
“Do you even have any idea of how much of trouble you are in?”

Melly butted into the conversation and said, “We’re all very sorry, Mr Rodrigues!”
“Neither Sarah nor any of us are laughing anymore!” 

Mr rodrigues rolled his eyes at Melly, turned around, pulled John’s arm and they continued walking. 

To Be Continued…
My cutie will be back next week on Sunday.

Have a great day everyone!

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