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Chapter 3, part 2: Oh That Cutie!

The recess bell rang, which was an indication to return back to class. 
I looked at Maria while walking beside her.

I nervously asked her “What do you think John and Mr. Rodrigues are talking about?”

“No idea, Sarah!”
“Honestly, Mr. Rodrigues is pretty stupid, if anything I’m pretty sure that we can fool him with our words!”
“John sounds quite smart as well!”
“I don’t think there’s anything to worry about!” 

I mumbled, “Thanks Maria!”

She smiled at me and continued speaking. 

“But, on the other hand, for you I have no guarantee!”
My heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds.
“Wait, what do you mean?” I demanded to know.
“Sarah! You hugged the cutie!”
“The exact one, I was eye-ing!”
“You are in trouble with me!”

I laughed and mumbled “Sowwie!” into Maria’s ear. 

Melly walked right beside me at that same time and overheard our conversation. 
“Yeah, Sarah, don’t worry about anything!” 
Melly assured me. 

I replied, “Thanks, I’m grateful for you girls!” 

We reached the classroom, I looked at John and walked right past him, without any expression. 
He followed right behind me, toward his desk. 
I looked at John and raised my eye-brow, without using any words to ask him, what happened?

He nodded his head and smiled and replied, “absolutely nothing!”

John winked, “Apparently, he was jealous of us spending time together, so he walked me around the school, in silence!”

I burst out laughing!

I replied, “you mean, that was your punishment to just only walk around the school?”
“No words exchanged,?”

Melly and Maria retorted “Not even any angry words?”

I added in “Not even any detention?”

John smiled, “Nope, but I’m sure am glad that you girls are enjoying mocking the hell out of me!”

I smiled. “Sorry, but I wanted a better story!” 

He laughed at my sarcasm. 

And replied, “I think, he’s dumb!” 
There was a pause and then he continued speaking.
“Just, acting strict!”

I laughed and looked at my partner, Maria.
“Told You so!” Maria smiled at both of us.

To Be continued next Sunday…

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