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You Made Me Smile Too…

It has blessed my heart 
to know, that I’ve made someone smile

All I did was buy her her favourite sweets
without fail, every time, I visited. 

How was I to know, 
that a small act of loving kindness, 
can really take us and others far ahead in life.  

A couple of days ago, her light burned out. 
But, to what I heard, she was still smiling bright. 

How blessed am I, to have touched someone’s heart in that way...

2 thoughts on “You Made Me Smile Too…

  1. Yes you’d actually made me smile,
    In a way no one could,
    In a way no one bothered,
    In a way the universe demanded,
    Yes, you made me smile, in a way, I’ll make you smile. ❤

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    1. Salina Kishinchand August 11, 2019 — 11:54 pm

      That’s so beautiful! ❤️😍

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