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Chapter 3, Part 3: Oh, That Cutie! Final Part

Mr. Rodrigues walked into the class, glancing sternly at us, along with another older woman, who was hugging the English textbook tightly to her chest.

“Class, stand up, and greet Mrs Linda!”

“She’s your English teacher!” 
“Good afternoon Mrs Linda!” the class repeated, in a hyper tone, right after Mr. Rodrigues. 

“Be good class!” Mr Rodrigues shouted right as he left the classroom. 

“Class, t-t-take out your English textbook.”
“T-T-Today we’ll be starting lessons on grammar.”

“First, she really needs to work on her s-s-stammer,” Maria jeered. We all giggled as quietly as possible.

I observed Mrs Linda as she was speaking to the class. Her hair was cut in a dark bang and she had a very fair complexion. She also wore a round framed spectacle that was leaning on her nose.

She droned on about the rules of English while half the class took the session as nap time. But, Melly, Maria and I were wide awake and bored out of our minds. 

All of a sudden, a paper aeroplane fell on my lap. I looked at the direction it came from and say John’s mischievous eyes telling me to open it. I smiled and unfolded the paper aeroplane. 


I slumped my shoulders in a funny manner and turned my head to look at him.

I threw the paper back in his direction and snickered as it hit his cheek as he whispered to his friends beside him.

“How boring, only hi?” I replied back on that paper aeroplane. 

He lifted his head as he smirked.
he crushed the paper aeroplane, and threw it in his bag while mentioning,
‘So, Sarah, shall we take this up a notch?”

I smiled. 

“What do you mean, John?”
He replied, “How does dinner and movie sound?”
I replied, “Exciting!”
“Make the plans, and I’ll be there!” I blushed.

“Get ready for a rollercoaster ride!” he smirked.
“I look forward,…”

I smiled. 

The End…

Hello everyone,
I do hope that your weekend has been has been filled with really high vibes. This is the last and final part of my Cutie, and the story is over…

Please feel free to drop in your comments as i would really love to know what you thought about my Cutie!
Also, I’m sorry that i dragged out my Cutie story for just so long!

Do click here to view, the previous part of Cutie.

Do click here to view, the full Cutie story or any other, i’ve written till date.

Till i write my next poem, story or whatever else i can create, have a great day!
Kind Regards,
Salina K

4 thoughts on “Chapter 3, Part 3: Oh, That Cutie! Final Part

  1. LOVE this! 😉

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    1. Salina Kishinchand August 11, 2019 — 1:03 pm

      😍😍, thank you…


    1. Salina Kishinchand August 11, 2019 — 11:44 pm

      ❤️, thank you…


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