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Will You Keep My Secret?

Dearest full moon,
you know my secret don’t you?
I understand that you’d be shining full night long.
But will you please, not reveal it all?

Being my shining armour
When my time was tight,
loved the way,
you made me feel right.

With light of feelings so pure,
heartfelt and full of cure,
you helped me purge it all,

with feelings so pure!

I thank you, for everything pure!

10 thoughts on “Will You Keep My Secret?

  1. What’s that secret??

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  2. This is really beautiful write…❤️
    I wish moon can talk and tell your secret 😉

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    1. 😂,.. Oh, No No,…
      Thank you for your compliment. ❤️
      Also, I hope you’re feeling better. I read about the accident.

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      1. 😂😂🤪🤪
        My pleasure dear ❤️❤️
        Yeah, I am all fine now, but it Left a scar in my left hand🙄😔

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  3. Moon: Yeah, I will.
    You: I know you would.
    Moon: A warm smile

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  4. Thank You so much!
    Keep visiting… 😀


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