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What do You Think???

The ears have heard something.
The eyes have seen something else.
The nose smells something completely different.

What do you think the lips would speak of?

Picture Credit: Google

9 thoughts on “What do You Think???

  1. haha it’s like the game, “telephone”

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  2. Hahaha your thought! 😁

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    1. My thought?
      Something ENTIRELY out of this world!!
      Trust me, I’m talking from ALOT of experience… 😂❤️
      What’s your thought?

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      1. My thoughts are different Salina. Hmm I have lot of experience in my bag! 😊😊😊💕

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  3. Seems like it’s all about a sense… of what you heard, saw, and what your lips; had to tell, the nosey part… of your brain. 😊 Blessings!

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    1. Haha! The nosey part, I like that!
      Thanks for your thoughts Warren! 😀

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