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Flowers have Powers!

Have you ever seen a Jasmine flower?
Or, ever smelled a Jasmine flower?

The purity and serenity
the power, all so heavenly!

What if I told you that;
I really hate Jasmine flowers?

The way it smells.
Oh! It makes me sneeze!

But what if that flower is just a symbol
of something, I have to fix and stabilize?

Wouldn’t the allergy magically disappear?
As I said, Flowers Have Powers!

9 thoughts on “Flowers have Powers!

  1. Always flowers have magical power!!! 🌹

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  2. magic is in nature 🥰💖


  3. More than anything symbols are often dependent on the situation. Like for instance if your crush accepts a red rose from someone else or in turn presents you with a yellow rose… Although rose is a flower that is a symbol of sweetness and politeness but given the situation it could create heart wrenching emotions. 😂

    Nonetheless a great post that expressed the value of imagery.

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    1. aww, can i say one thing?
      I felt the pain for that guy. lol..
      Thank you so much, Sid! Always appreciate your comments, and lovely feedbacks. 💕

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    1. Thank you so much, Sonia.. 💕


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